Friday, February 02, 2007

Terror hits Britain again......allegedly.

British media has gone completely mad again about the news of another alleged terror plot in Britain. Nine muslim men were arrested a couple of days ago in after a 6 month surveillance operation. They were apparently days away from actioning a plan to murder a muslim member of the British army.
All the tv news have been headlining with this story, and none seem to have learned the lessons of previous recent terror raid fiascos such as the Forest Gate incidents. Nowhere is the word "alleged" been used. Nothing has been proved against these men, yet the mainstream media, nevermind the tabloids, are acting like this plot is a fact. Some have even compared life in Britain to that of life in Baghdad, all murders, kidnappings, beheadings, carbombs etc. What a fucking joke, excuse my language please but it really does do my head in. I cant even watch the news at the moment without wanting to throw it out the window.
The media should be dealing with the real story of terrorism in this country that being the fact the hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of women in this country are living in constant terror because of aggressive partners. Domestic violence is still going unchecked by the police and only 1 in every 20 reported rapes is resulting in conviction in this country because of failures by police and the justice system. Where are the dawn raids and high profile arrests of the many women batterers, rapists and murderers that are at large in our society? When are the police going to start acting on reports of domestic violence and when are womens complaints against their stalkers going to be listened to? Nothing is going to improve while police resources are being wasted and squandered on alleged terrorist plots that come to nothing.

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sparkleMatrix said...

Exactly- the terrorism against women just is not important or not even recognised.

totally wish they would get their act together.