Thursday, March 01, 2007

Equalities review explodes the myth that todays women have it all

Yesterdays Equalities Review reported the shocking (not so shocking to us who experience sex discrimination daily) truth about discrimination in this country. The Review reports that inequality in this country remains at an "intolerable" level and that new impetus is needed to break down "entrenched" inequalities which are holding back groups such as working mothers, the disabled and ethnic minorities. The report also found that women with young children suffered the most discrimination at work, with mothers with a child under the age of 11 nearly 50% less likely to be recruited than a man. The report also cites a survey which found that three quarters of recruitment agencies had been asked by clients to avoid hiring pregnant women or those of childbearing age.
While the truths revealed in this report may come as a shock to the government and society at large, most women have known about and been living with these facts all of their lives and know that discrimination in employment is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the discrimination and downright misogeny we are facing because of our sex. The one thing that is damning about this report is the fact that despite equality legislation and so-called equal opportunites in this country, society does not seem to have changed, especially for women, the disabled and ethnic minorities. And if you happen to belong to all of these categories and are a disabled woman of colour with a young child then what chance do you have of fair treatment in society. Unbelievably there are some people, mostly men, who think that women have never had it better and that feminism belongs to the past, well, hopefully this report will highlight for them the truth about sexism and awaken within them the flames of feminism.

Economic Inequalities - The Facts
  • Women receive on average just 54 pence for every £1 of income received by men.

  • The average man in a pensioner couple receives £261 a week - the average woman £119.

  • Women in full-time employment spend nearly 30% more time on childcare than men in full-time employment.
  • Benefits make up 21% of the average woman's income and just 8% of the average man's income.
Facts from the Fawcett Society

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