Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hats off to Hackney - for a change!!!

Hats off to Hackney council who from tomorrow are introducing compulsory recycling. Residents will be fined up to £1000 if they do not make use of their green recycling boxes. Although I'm sure many people will complain and look upon this as draconian, I think it is a great idea and really applaud Hackney council for making this decision to force people to recycle. Hackney has one of the worst recycling rates in Britain, with Britain having the worst rates in Europe. As an avid recycler I know that it does not take much time or effort to recycle. In fact it has never been easier to recycle a vast range of resources. Yet many people simply cannot be bothered and these people are, in my opinion, selfish and lazy and dont give a shit about the world, its people and our future so the only way to get through to them is through their pocket. So let them pay £1000, fine them more! It doesnt cost anything to recycle and it doesnt take much time, but it really can make a big difference and in this stage of our history it really is the least we can do.


Joe said...

Hiya GreenGurll

Lol, yeah everybody recycle, that'll cut co2 emissions and reverse the terrible damage we've done to our own environment. Separating carbon from silicon is not enough. There is only one immediate solution, destroy all internal combustion engines with extreme prejudice. This Hackney council idea is just a ruse, a guise. another cheap psychological trick to make us all think we're actually dealing with the problem. Typical of modern society to believe that we as individuals can actually make a difference to mother Earth. We didn't destroy the planet with empty plastic bottles and foam cartons from Mcdonalds, we destroyed it by sucking the life blood from the land and then burning it.

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greengurll said...

Although I do agree with what you say about recycling really not being enough to reverse the damage done to Gaia, i have to disagree with your assertion that as individuals we are powerless to make a difference. Our unwillingness to even make the simplest changes in our lives (like recycling) to help our planet is symptomatic of the disease of greed and consumerism that will quite soon destroy us all. A lot of people dont care about the world and will not make the lifestyle changes needed to preserve life on this planet. These sort of people are only motivated by money and as such fines are the only way to get them to do the bare minimum. Am totally with you on the destroying all internal combustion engines.
Anyway thanks for the comments, please visit again.

Anonymous said...

I find this approach very annoying. I don't use the recyling boxes but bring my recyclable stuff to the local recycling point. But yet I will be fined!

Anonymous said...

£1000 fine if we DO make use of our green boxes? I'll leave mine empty then I think.

greengurll said...

Whoops, thanks for pointing that out. It should of course say if they do not make use of their recycling box.
Have corrected the post,

Maia said...

Not sure about the scheme. I mean, I've had three recyclig boxes and they've all been nicked. Hat off for enthusiasm, but more wait-and-see for the practicalities.

PS It's real nappy week. I hope you'll be taking advantage! :-)