Monday, November 26, 2007

Reclaim the Night '07

Oh my gosh, what a fantastic night! Finn Mackay and the London Feminist Network have done it again. Reclaim the Night 07 was even bigger than last year and I reckon that there must have been close to two thousand women there, if not more. It was absolutely fantastic to see so many women marching and shouting against violence against women. It truely was an inspirational night and really motivated me to get even more active with my feminism.
The rally afterwards was so fantastic. I had a table for the Feminist Library and it really was a great opportunity to meet lots of feminists and make them aware of the librarys situation. All of the speakers at the rally were amazing, but in particular Kat the NUS Womens Officer was great, as was the woman from Bradfords Rape Crisis Centre. Finn Mackay though really rocked. She is such an inspirational woman and her speech was so rousing and motivational, the crowd loved her. With women like her around, and the mass of women she brought to central London on Saturday night, it really does make revolution seem possible.
I did take some photos but my camera really let me down, just like last year. I will try to post them over the next few days.


witchy-woo said...

It was a fab night, wasn't it :)
I couldn't make the rally unfortunately but I know what you mean about Finn being an inspirational speaker.
Looking forward to seeing your pics and, who knows, maybe even seeing you next year!
(Million Women Rise 8/3/08 - 12.30 Trafalgar Square)

greengurll said...

It was brilliant. Will definitely be at the million women march so maybe we could hook up then,