Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some musings on 2007

Well another years come and gone, and 2007 really has been a good one for me. My years like everyone elses I suppose are usually a smattering of ups and downs, with at least a couple of minor tragedies dominating. 2007 however has been a fantastic year for me and I hope it has for you too.
I spent the first part of the year pregnant with my second child. The miracle and wonder of life really hits when its happening inside your own body and this really was a fantastic time for me. July brought the birth of Maggie, yet another beautiful girlchild for me to love and since then I have been living on cloud nine. I love having children, and both of mine make me ecstatically happy. The fact that I planned for and had a home birth further adds to my sense of pride at what I've acheived this year. I'm so glad I'm a woman and have the chance to experience these things.
Feminism has also added greatly to my pleasure and sense of acheivement when I contemplate this year. Although I have been an active feminist for a long time and involved in various other issues and movements, by moving it up a level and joining the management committee of the Feminist Library I really have felt a fulfillment that was missing in my life. I had previously been volunteering at the library and when an emergency meeting was called to discuss the future of this precious and threatened feminist resource I decided to join the managment committee. As a result I have met and become friends with many amazing women, some of whom were and still are prominent in the womens liberation movement, I have visited other feminist resources such as Feminist Archive North, represented the library at gatherings, conferences and other feminist happenings like Feminist Fightback and Reclaim the Night, chaired an open meeting on the future of radical archives at the Anarchist Bookfair, been instrumental in forming a national network of radical libraries and archives and most importantly played a role in preserving the future of the Feminist Library for future generations and in doing so furthering the Feminist cause. The act of becoming involved in feminism is empowering in itself and I really have empowered myself this year.
So all in all its been a good year for me. I'm sure I've probably jinxed myself by going on about how great my life is and no doubt theres some dark event waiting around the corner for me, but hey thats life I suppose and theres no point dwelling on whats ahead. Although we live in a dark scarey world, I feel hope for the future and know that in 2008 I am going to spend even more of my time trying to make the world a better place. 2008 will be a year of revolution, so lets bring it on, the time is now!

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